BARRIER Surgical Headwear

Surgical headwear helps to protect patients from surgical site infections

Operating staff should take extra care to cover body parts that pose a threat to the patient due to the risk of foreign particles falling into the surgical wound. This is especially true for the head - and particularly the hair. Our wide range of BARRIER® Surgical Headwear offers different styles and fits, covering requirements for any type of operation, any shape and size of head and any hairstyle. Our surgical headwear reduces the risk of particles falling into the wound1.

Surgical headwear decreases risk of contamination

A study looked at contamination levels in surgery situations where the operating staff used a cap or surgical hood compared to no use of headwear at all. The results clearly highlight the benefits of using surgical headwear for reducing contamination rates2.


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  2. Gordon A J, et al. Letter to the Editor. J Hosp Inf 2009;8:289-291

Surgical headwear

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