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Staple-free graft fixation with Mepitel® One

An open, prospective randomised pilot investigation evaluating pain with the use of a soft silicone wound contact layer, Mepitel® One, vs. staples and Bridal Veil used on split thickness skin grafts as a primary dressing1.


To compare pain at the time of dressing removal for the use of Mepitel One versus staples and Bridal Veil on deep partial or full thickness burns requiring skin grafts. Secondary objectives were to investigate the overall costs, ease of use, adherence, tolerance, safety and efficacy of Mepitel One.


43 patients were randomised to either Mepitel One or staples and Bridal Veil. After the split thickness skin graft was applied to the wound, Mepitel One or staples and Bridal Veil was placed over the graft and over a margin of the surrounding skin.
Skin graft assessment was performed at day 7 (+/- 1 day) and day 14 (+/-1 day). If the graft had >95% take, before the 14 days, this was considered the end of the study.


Mepitel One was shown to be less painful than staples and Bridal Veil at the time of dressing removal, and this difference was statistically significant (p=0.0188). Mepitel One showed lower overall costs and the time taken for dressing removal was greatly reduced with Mepitel One.


The results indicate that Mepitel One should be considered as a clinically acceptable primary dressing for placement over skin grafts in the treatment of burns. Mepitel One demonstrated less pain, better ease of use and better overall experience for the patient than the comparator. Total costs for Mepitel One was less expensive and took much less time to remove, a major benefit to both patient and clinician.


1. Patton, M.L., Mullins, R.F., Smith, D., Korentager, R. An open, prospective, randomized pilot investigation evaluating pain with the use of a soft silicone wound contact layer vs bridal veil and staples on split thickness skin grafts as a primary dressing. Journal of Burn Care and Research 2013; Jun 28

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