ProcedurePak pack value calculator

Calculate your potential savings in time and reduction in packaging waste with ProcedurePak pack value calculator

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You can still read more about the value calculator below and contact us to discuss how your hospital could save time and reduce packaging waste.

The ProcedurePak® pack value calculator gives you information about the potential savings in time and the potential reduction in packaging waste, when introducing ProcedurePak packs or when adding more components into existing ProcedurePak packs.

To calculate your possible savings you simply need to fill in:

  1. The number of interventions for a certain procedure per year
  2. Your time per intervention in minutes, cut to closure
  3. Your change over time (preparation and clean-up time) in minutes between interventions without ProcedurePak
  4. Your total number of single-use components per intervention for this procedure

The value calculator calculations and assumptions are based on findings made by IWiG (Institut für Workflow-Management im Gesundheitswesen) in a study conducted in 2009 in five hospitals in Europe1 and a study done at the Broadgreen hospital in Liverpool UK2.

Contact us or your local sales representative to discuss how your hospital could save time and reduce packaging waste.


  1. Greiling M. A multinational case study to evaluate and quantify time-saving by using custom procedure trays for operating room efficiency. Poster presented at 23rd Congress of European Association of Hospital Managers, Zürich, Switzerland, September 2010.
  2. “Assessing the carbon and waste benefits of moving to Procedure Packs at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust”, 2011
Value Calculator

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