<p>O.R. Efficiency</p>

O.R. Efficiency

ProcedurePak packs truly customised

Customised procedure packs save time in general. However, additional efficiency can be gained hospital-wide. ProcedurePak® is a truly customised, full-service solution that combines high-quality, safety-enhancing products, delivery and logistic options and ongoing training and support. With ProcedurePak your hospital will have the right products for every intervention.

ProcedurePak packs also help you reduce packaging waste. To calculate your potential savings in time and your potential reduction in packaging waste go to the ProcedurePak pack value calculator.

Adapt quickly to any type of surgery

With more than 5,000 components and over 10,000 unique configurations ProcedurePak packs from Mölnlycke Health Care will be tailored to your hospital’s specific and changing requirements. Continual component updates allow your hospital to effortlessly keep up with new techniques and developments. It has been proven that more than 40 percent total time can be saved with the ProcedurePak solution (download study).



Some facts about ProcedurePak:

  • More than 5,000 components to choose from, making them easier to tailor to your exact needs
  • More than 10,000 unique configurations to date and more than four million ProcedurePak packs sold yearly1
  • Partnerships with leading suppliers of single-use medical devices, giving you access to trusted components and providing good value for money
  • Ongoing updates of component offerings make it easy to keep up with new techniques and changes, allowing you to make changes as your needs evolve
  • Pack design consultation, helping you find the very best solution to meet your needs in the most effective way 
  • Support during implementation, training for proper use of the products and follow-up, ensuring maximum efficiency gains
  • Measuring potential time and efficiency gains, and offering suggestions for improved processes and how to make effective use of freed-up resources



Procedure-specific surgical gloves, gowns and drapes

Also available in ProcedurePak packs:



Optimised safety for both patients and staff

Mölnlycke Health Care will help to ensure you and your patients’ safety, from component validation to in-process inspections, packaging, labelling and sterilisation of the final product. Enhanced safety creates confidence, helping staff work at their highest levels. ProcedurePak also potentially reduces the risk of infection. With fewer packages to open, there is less risk for aseptic-related mistakes2. It minimises the costs and risks associated with extended aftercare, saving staff and financial resources and contributing to more optimal outcomes. Increased efficiency creates a ripple effect in your organisation – enabling your hospital to treat more patients to better care.

Highest safety, in short:

  • Strict quality and regulatory evaluation and validation processes to ensure maximum safety
  • State-of-the-art pack assembly meeting all applicable standards
  • Advanced IT control systems ensuring that the final product is delivered according to your specifications
  • Clear labelling – removable labels for easy administration so that contents can be checked at a glance
  • Full traceability in case of product recalls or notification


  1. Sales data, 2012 (internal information)
  2. Customer reference program
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