O.R. efficiency

Treat more patients to better care

Our O.R. efficiency solution, containing procedure-specific products, training and support and lean supply and logistics will boost operating-theatre efficiency and utilisation. Once implemented, this creates a ripple effect that frees up resources and helps any hospital to treat more patients to better care. That has been proven.

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Create time-and-cost savings in the O.R.

In an era of reduced government budgets and reimbursements, most hospitals’ management need to find ways to make cost savings....

Less stress for surgical staff

The challenge of recruiting and retaining skilled surgical staff is a real issue for many hospitals. How can you make your hospital more attractive as an employer? There are many answers to that...

Less waste – environmental benefits

O.R. efficiency and green policies being introduced in hospitals go hand in hand. One of the building blocks of O.R. efficiency – ProcedurePak® customised procedure packs from Mölnlycke...

Training and support

Training and customer support is a cornerstone of our full-service solution to ensure O.R. efficiency. Our team of surgical specialists provides daily onsite guidance, coaching and support to...

ProcedurePak truly customised

Customised procedure packs save time in general. However, additional efficiency can be gained hospital-wide. ProcedurePak® is a truly customised, full-service solution that combines...

Optimised O.R. efficiency with our all inclusive solutions

With ProcedurePak® packs and services from Mölnlycke Health Care your hospital can improve time efficiency by up to 59 percent1. To us, O.R. efficiency means a full-service...

Time and cost savings with ripple effects

Optimised O.R. efficiency will enable your hospital to treat more patients to a better quality of care using existing staff. Customised procedure packs save time in general....


“In emergency situations, we can get the material into the O.R. within one minute. That would be impossible without ProcedurePak trays.”

Martijn Bekhuis, Logistics Assistant, Thorax centre, Medisch Spectrum Twente
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“With the ProcedurePak trays, we have less stress, contamination risk and far less paper waste in the operating rooms.”

Nancy Hede Guldmann, Product Manager, Department of Urinary Tract Surgery
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ProcedurePak® customised procedure packs are assembled to contain all the single-use components required for a particular surgical intervention. Replacing a large number of individually packaged items, ProcedurePak packs can generate significant savings...

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