Notac skin traction kit

Notac skin traction kit

The Notac non-adhesive traction kit is used to apply traction to limbs after injury or surgery.
Each kit contains a foam-lined stirrup, retaining straps and cords.
The stirrup straps are made from ventilated non-adhesive foam.
A specially designed extra-long retaining bandage is supplied with each kit. Three sizes are available: adult, child and infant.
The Notac traction kit has non-adhesive foam stirrup straps and is therefore suitable for use on sensitive or delicate skin and for infants.
The retaining bandage holds the straps securely in place on any size of limb.
Additional Tracord traction cord is available separately.

Provides non-invasive traction for damaged limbs

Non-adhesive foam stirrup straps avoid risk of skin irritation

Available in 3 sizes – adult, child and infant

Cost-effective method of providing traction

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