Mölnlycke Health Care introduces a new innovative solution for patient warming

Mölnlycke Health Care introduces a new innovative solution for patient warming

March 29 2012

Mölnlycke Health Care, one of the world’s leading providers of single-use surgical products, today announces the launch of BARRIER® EasyWarm®, a new active self-warming blanket that brings simplicity to peri-operative patient warming.

The BARRIER EasyWarm is an innovative yet uncomplicated product for patient warming that is being introduced to hospitals. The blanket is easy to use, for both staff and patients, as once it is opened and unfolded, the air activated blanket self-warms. Unlike current products on the market, there is no need for any extra equipment or devices, and the blanket will maintain its temperature for up to 10 hours which enables it to be used to warm the patient before, during and after surgery.

A patient’s core body temperature normally drops after the induction of anaesthesia which mean that peri-operative hypothermia is a common side effect of surgical procedures.1 This in turn brings about poor outcomes for patients, including increased risk for complications and distress, leading to elevated treatment costs.2,3 Minimizing the risk of infection also reduces length of hospitalisation. Preventative measures such as preoperative patient warming and active warming during surgery, have been demonstrated to have a good effect on avoiding hypothermia.4

“An ordinary blanket isn’t very effective and the temperature management products currently used by hospitals are just too complicated”, says Dr. Mark Kyker, M.D, a US cardiac anaesthesiologist and the inventor of the active self-warming blanket. “This product is the first true easy-to use solution for peri-operative warming.”

The results of a clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of the BARRIER EasyWarm active self-warming blanket in preventing hypothermia demonstrated that intra-operative temperature was maintained at a stable level for 2.5 hours in the 68 patients evaluated for efficacy.5 A drop of 0.6° C was recorded, compared to a typical temperature drop of 1-1.5° C on induction of anaesthesia, showing that BARRIER EasyWarm helps to prevent hypothermia. In addition, patients expressed a high level of comfort.

The BARRIER EasyWarm active self-warming blanket will be available in most European markets, starting from Q2 2012.

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About Mölnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke Health Care is a world leading manufacturer of single-use surgical and wound care products and services for the professional health care sector. The Surgical Division offers safe and efficient surgical solutions through a number of services and a wide range of high quality single-use surgical products that help minimise the risk of postoperative wound infections for patients, and create cumulative time, effort, and cost efficiencies.    

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