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Study reveals single-use BARRIER scrub suits as the preferred option

By : Mölnlycke Health Care, March 17 2014Posted in: Staff & patient safety

Inselspital, Switzerland’s largest hospital, made the move to equip its surgical staff with single-use BARRIER® scrub suits. Hospital management, noting that O.R. staff increasingly chose to wear single-use scrub suits, decided to look into the reasons behind and benefits of this choice. Based on the findings of the hospital’s research and staff survey, the hospital found that the single-use BARRIER scrub suits worn offered significant cost savings, comfort and flexibility for staff and increased O.R. hygiene at a time when infection control is foremost in hospital administrators’ minds.

To read more about how Inselspital made the single-use scrub-suit choice and see the full results of their feasibility study, download the full case study.

Nicole Söll “In our feasibility study, single-use O.R. scrub suits received more positive feedback than reusable clothing.”

Nicole Söll, medical documentalist


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beck, deputy medical director “We tested samples of single-use and reusable scrub suits, which helped generate acceptance for a change that typically does not come easily for all. Today, there is a high level of adoption for these single-use scrub suits.”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beck, deputy medical director


Daniel Rascher, O.R. nurse “Single-use materials from Mölnlycke Health Care are much more hygienic than reusable garments.”

Daniel Rascher, O.R. nurse

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