Financial Impact

Pressure injuries place a major burden on healthcare systems worldwide, with an emerging additional cost of litigation increasing in importance over recent years.
Healthcare practitioners need to be aware of both the direct and indirect costs and consider how the implementation of prevention protocols may offer cost savings in the longer term. The cost of a dressing for example as a prevention tool is minimal in comparison to the costs of treating an establish pressure injury.

A few facts of the real financial cost of pressure injuries:

Fact 1 the estimated cost to the US hospital sector is $11 billion per annum 14.
Fact 2 the estimated cost in the UK National Health Service is estimated at
£1.4–£2.1 billion annually (4% of total NHS expenditure)15.
Fact 3 lawsuits remain common in both acute and long term care – with high payments in certain cases16.
Fact 4 the average cost to treat an individual with an unstagable ulcer or a deep tissue injury estimated to be $43,18017,18.
Fact 5 US- One report highlighted that average length of stay in hospital is almost
3x longer19.
Fact 6 Mean hospital cost for pressure ulcers in US $14.260 in comparison the same cost in Korea is identified as $3000-$700011.
Fact 7 Cost to treat pressure ulcers in the community in Canada reported
as $900020.