Study confirms Mepilex® Ag is a key element to controlling infection and minimising the pain of exuding wounds.

Wound care professionals will use the silver dressing that best meets the duel challenges of infection and pain management, especially in outpatient settings where resources are limited.

This was the background setting to the recently published Truchetet & Meaume study that investigated the type of wounds on which silver wound care dressings could be used, and the effectiveness of using these dressings in treating and managing wounds in the patient’s own home.

Why choose Mepilex Ag?

Truchetet & Meaume used the Mepilex Ag dressing in their study. Mepilex Ag is a wound care dressing with an absorbent polyurethane foam pad that contains a silver sulphate compound. When fluids such as wound exudate are absorbed into the dressing, silver ions are rapidly released which inhibit a wide range of wound-related pathogens including bacteria and fungi.

794 patients observed

Truchetet & Meaume observed 794 patients with wounds exhibiting at least three of the following five criteria – a high exudation level, pain between dressing changes, peri-wound erythema, oedema and foul odour.

Significant improvements

When treated with Mepilex Ag, the patient’s wounds produced clear and significant improvements in the wound status within a three week period.

Our solution

The Mepilex Ag range of products offers a duel wound care management solution for Healthcare professionals. By releasing silver ions into the wound, Mepilex Ag can reduce the bioburden and resolve the signs of local infection. Through Safetac technology, Mepilex Ag minimises pain during dressing changes by using a formula that does not stick to the wound on removal.

Each product in the Mepilex Ag range – Mepilex Ag, Mepilex Border Ag, Mepilex Border Sacrum Ag and Mepilex Heel Ag - contains the same type of silver and Safetac technology.

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Mepilex Ag from the inside

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Safetac® Technology

Safetac is a proprietary adhesive technology that minimises pain to patients and trauma to wounds. Safetac technology is available exclusively on Mölnlycke Health Care dressings. Read more

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