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Easy to work with

Both Mepitel and Mepitel One are time-saving for staff and comfortable for patients. Because of their high conformability and stay-on ability, Mepitel dressings can be applied on their own or as the base for a custom dressing solution almost anywhere on the body. It’s like having a 3rd hand for support during application! 

  • Extremely flexible, follows the contour of the body for a comfortable yet secure fit

  • Highly transparent and proven effective exudate transfer design – optimal hole sizes, and confirmed design size, density and thickness

  • Maintains its quality performance properties over time – so you can leave it on in confidence

  • Can be used with topical treatments

  • Mepitel One only has Safetac technology on one side – so it doesn’t stick to gloves or scissors during application, which some professionals find more convenient.








Easy to live with

The wound healing journey can be difficult for patients and their families. The wound might be painful. It might smell. A dressed wound can make everyday tasks more challenging – putting on clothes, or taking a shower. Just having the wound can interfere with plans for vacation or to go swimming. In short, healing can be stressful for everyone, especially if there’s an anticipation of pain when the dressing is removed. 

  • Mepitel and Mepitel One have Safetac technology, which minimises painful skin stripping at removal. In many studies, patients have told us they prefer dressings with Safetac because they don’t hurt.
  • Mepitel and Mepitel One are both ultra thin and highly conformable.
  • This means they are comfortable and go on easily almost anywhere on the body without impeding movement— they almost feel like a second skin.
  • Neither Mepitel or Mepitel One have to be removed for a full 14 days. This means fewer changes of the contact layer where pain or the anticipation of it will be highest.

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