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Mepitel and Mepitel One are purpose-designed for undisturbed healing. This means they fulfil the requirements you expect of a contact layer at the base of a custom dressing, but also include advantages such as longer stay-on-ability, better transparency and proven pain and stress minimising properties. 
  • Any combination of secondary dressings, such as foams or pads and fixation dressings, can be used with Mepitel and Mepitel One. Secondary dressings must be changed regularly, depending on exudates levels, but Mepitel and Mepitel One can stay on for up to 14 days.
  • Single-sided Mepitel One helps prevent sticking to gloves or scissors during application, minimizing wasted dressings and making it easier to apply. It also remains in situ at secondary dressing changes as it will not stick to them
  • Double-sided Mepitel acts as a helpful extra “third hand” by keeping the secondary dressing in place, freeing both hands for easier application of the fixation dressing or holding the NPWT foam or gauze better in place.

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