Avance with Safetac - minimising pain and stress to maximise healing


NPWT might not be achieving its full healing potential

NPWT is a proven strategy for healing wounds. But current NPWT systems are proven to be both painful and stressful for patients 1-4. And pain and stress are proven to delay healing5.

The release of steroids such as cortisol is how the body responds to stress – it’s the “fight or flight” response. Unfortunately, this ends up depressing the immune system, which leads to a corresponding reduction in the cytokines involvedin tissue repair – resulting in delayed wound healing5.


This raises an important question: How much more effective could NPWT be if it caused less pain and patient stress?

Why choose Avance® with Safetac® technology?

Avance NPWT system with Safetac is designed to minimise unnecessary patient pain and stress7. Dressings with Safetac prevent skin stripping at dressing12, 13 changes7, 8 and the maceration that can delay healing by causing damage to the periwound area9, 10. They may even prevent blistering11.

Our solution

Alongside with our fixation dressings with Safetac that provides a less painful dressing change, Avance offers a wide assortment of dressing kits with foam or gauze, which gives the Avance NPWT system the flexibility to treat all wound types. Avance is also light, easy to understand and operate very quiet – design the contributes to a less stressful NPWT experience day-to-day6.


More about Avance

It´s time to see NPWT in a whole new light

"Anything we can do to prevent pain and stress can only help healing"

How Safetac technology works

Safetac® is a patented adhesive technology that minimises pain to patients and trauma to wounds.

Safetac technology is available exclusively on Mölnlycke Health Care dressings. Read more

What do you think about Avance NPWT system with Safetac?

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Your options for a less painful dressing change

Avance®Film with Safetac
Avance® Film with Safetac®

As part of the Avance® NPWT system, this gentle adhesive film ensures minimised pain and offers time saving benefits.


Achieving and maintaining a seal is essential for any negative pressure wound therapy(NPWT) treatment.


Mepitel is a gentle, yet effective Wound Contact Layer with the unique Safetac® technology.

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