Double gloving clinical evidence

6 Apr, 2016
Interactive infection prevention and control module
20 min
Neurosurgeon David Revez's hands and the text "These hands performed 221 brain surgeries last year"

Your hands help to heal and save lives every day. Shouldn't they be protected too? At Mölnlycke Health Care, we think so. Double gloving is a smart, easy and effective way to prevent avoidable injuries and exposure to dangerous – and costly – contamination and infection. This is why it should be standard practice for you and the entire O.R. team.

This e-learning course presents clinical evidence generated from a number of key clinical studies which support the use of double gloving. It explains:

  • How double gloving can help to avoid injuries and exposure to cross contamination
  • The cost impact of needle stick injuries on a hospital
  • Why double gloving should be standard practise for every O.R. team


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