Biogel Puncture Indication System

6 Apr, 2016
Interactive infection prevention and control module
20 min
Trauma nurse Julie Karlsson's hands and the text "To clinicians who don't double glove, I say "Do it!" it is such a simple way to protect yourself and everyone else"

The Biogel® Indicator System is made up of a dark-coloured underglove and a straw-coloured overglove. You and your patients can feel better knowing that the Biogel Indicator System's puncture indications are clear, fast and large. Immediate detection means safety for you and for the patient. Just as important, the gloves are comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

This e-learning course presents the main features and benefits of the Biogel Puncture Indication System and explains what makes it the clearest indication system available. It explains:

  • How the science of colour used in puncture indication
  • How a puncture indication system works
  • Why clinicians rely on the system


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