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How you can change O.R. processes and improve productivity

By : Andreas Normén, April 25 2012Posted in: The Mölnlycke Health Care blog

O.R. Efficiency - Nurse cutting Mepilex  

“You can’t impose anything on anyone and expect them to be committed to it”, said guru of organisational culture Edgar Schein.

Operating rooms can be seen as the ‘heart’ or “engine” of a hospital. They are complex, high-risk and multi-professional. But operating rooms are also one of the most cost-intensive areas of patient care. If you look at the surgery itself, including all pre-op and post-op processes, up to 28% of overall medical costs are incurred in the O.R. setting.

Today most countries and governments are facing reduced budgets and reimbursement, impacting the overall health care system and leading to a challenging situation for the hospitals. Consequently, hospital management needs to find ways to make cost savings and improve productivity also in the O.R.

It is a well known fact that improved quality and reliability result in shorter lead time, lower cost and less stress leading to increased efficiency. The Lean principles.

The question is: can this be applied in the O.R. setting?

Magnus Lord, one of the leading experts in Europe on Lean healthcare and change management, confirm that O.R. processes can be improved and he has examples to demonstrate how it is possible to achieve a 60% productivity increase in the O.R. The trick is to make everything right from the beginning and to build a structure for improvement – based on the employees’ own expertise. Involving all staff in the improvement process is the key to success. By adopting that mindset you will improve both efficiency and patient safety.

Come and listen to Magnus Lord at the EORNA congress in Lisbon, Portugal, 9.00 on April 28th, to get the full story. Or come back and read this blog – we will for sure post more articles on this topic.

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