Code of conduct in action

Code of conduct in action

We continuously measure and monitor almost all of our performance against Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. In addition, our parent company, Investor AB, performs a sustainability Enterprise Risk Assessment annually.

Training and support

We train all of our employees annually to ensure that they are aware of our Code of Conduct, our Global Code of Ethics and Integrity and what is required of them.

In addition to educating our own employees, we extend our efforts to demand correct, sustainable and ethical conduct from our suppliers. When choosing a new supplier, we evaluate the company and their previous actions through an evaluation process. We also inform them about our Global Trade policy programme and Global Code of Ethics and Integrity.

Environmental Health and Safety programme

At Mölnlycke Health Care we are committed to doing business in a sustainable manner. During 2015 we managed to make substantial advancements – for example, 7 percent reduction of CO2 in our transports and 4 percent reduction in energy use. But we do not rest on achieved results, instead we constantly aim to improve, which led to the formation of a new Environmental Health and Safety programme with increased targets for the next three years.

Promoting good labour relations

Respect for employment rights is a core principle in both our Code of Conduct and our Supplier Standard. This includes the right of our employees to freedom of association at work and collective bargaining. We also have a zero-tolerance approach to slavery or any use of forced or compulsory labour, and we continuously monitor our suppliers to ensure that this does not happen.

Fighting corruption

As a large company operating around the world, we take a vigilant approach to prevent corruption connected to any of our operations or suppliers. We maintain a global hotline which employees can use to report any incidents of corruption whenever they occur. We investigate all reported incidents and take appropriate disciplinary action following defined procedures and follow-up measures where necessary.

Protecting human rights

Every employee who works for Mölnlycke Health Care is entitled to the same respect for their human and employment rights, no matter where they are in the world. We will not do business with any supplier that does not respect the rights of its employees.

We ask our suppliers to sign up to our Supplier Standard and to subject themselves to human rights screenings if necessary. We formally evaluate more than 50 percent of our primary suppliers, which includes a human rights assessment under our Code of Conduct.

Engaging with public policy

We take an active role in promoting good practice within the medical supply and healthcare industries through engagement with public policy. We develop public policy positions and take part in responsible lobbying, principally through our membership of Eucomed, which promotes the medical device industry in the EU, but also as a member of the following trade associations: AdvaMed in the USA, Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA), Canada’s Medical Technology Companies (MEDEC) and Swedish Medtech.

Complying with laws and regulations

We take great care to comply with all relevant laws and regulations in every country we work in. We employ compliance staff to ensure that we meet all the necessary rules in areas such as employment and environmental impact, as well as complying with anti-bribery and corruption laws. Employees and external partners are encouraged to seek advice and/or report incidents to our compliance staff. For matters related to illegal or unethical behaviour, we also have a Whistleblowing Hotline that connects to a team consisting of the Chief Compliance Officer, the EVP Human Resources and the General Counsel. This team decides on what department is most appropriate to investigate and escalate each incident.

Eliminating child labour

As an international company, we recognize our responsibility, and that of our suppliers, to help eliminate child labour wherever we operate. We continuously monitor our suppliers, and if there is any risk of child labour being used, we take immediate action to ensure that this does not happen.

Modern slavery

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